young offenders fatal warriors we are lasbains

we are fuckin lasbains and gays
Last Updated May 16, 2007

Real Name: ashleyn quill
Nicknames: rez.playa#01
From: pik...
Occupation: fukk party
Hobbies: smell dope allday
Quote: fukk y`ll

I hate you carson go suck some where else
this ain't wda'z writting you guys beat the wrong kid!!!!

thats meh bein so called modalin LOL
LOL me n conlie
LOL benita holdin meh
my crew rite thurr
sjdhkjshdhasfihasdfliu  ifoadfosdufiousdfoisdufoisdugfoiuj vkj kjoisdvgfsdufiosdhj hiochhviousdgdsygoui  ioyuifydjflkjhv;ojdfoihe;fkjx;zocijaiofh;dkchs;odifhoiehf
Hey carson i hate u u asshole its over i will never be with u u gay
and i suck carsons dick sometime soo soo soo true!!

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This song goes to my lasbain friendz
Akon ft Snoop Dogg
I Wanna Fuck You

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